Quaker Street Bowl, located off Brick Lane in a former textile warehouse, is one of London's premier skate spots. The meticulously crafted wooden installation sits within a naturally lit white-walled studio. Its clean and simple design draws maximum effect from the subtle timber and steel detailing.

Designed and built by Benedict Radcliffe and Associates, it is an irresistible blend of skateboarding, design and childish fantasy that exemplifies modern-day urban architecture and skating but also acknowledges the past: young Californian sidewalk surfers of the mid 70s who were propping up plywood against a few bricks and kick-turning off the top to simulate wave riding.

Since opening in mid 2012 it has been used in a number of photoshoots for international companies as well as contemporary dance performances.


The bowl can be rented for the hour, day, week or month. Please get in contact if you require a viewing and further info.


Benedict +44 (0) 7989872037